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Learn more about Essential Oils.
How are they changing the world and creating abundance for so many?

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Become part of a global tribe who inspire each other and care about living a non-toxic lifestyle. We learn together how to use essential oils into our everyday lives and provide support for each other. We are students, teachers, wives, mothers, yoga teachers, acupuncturist, midwives, social workers, spiritual seekers, reiki masters, nurses etc.

Creating Financial Freedom with Vera

Learn to share the oils and create financial abundance (always optional).
We have a calling to help each other and live financially free.

Reinvent, Redefine, and Take Ahold of your Wellness.

doTERRA essential oils offer incredible benefits for vitality, energy, clarity, calm, and spiritual upliftment. These pure oils offer natural choices for personal care, family wellness, home cleaning, body care products and more


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